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"SWIMMING POOL" was released February 24th by American based label Orange Milk Records, known for it's eclectic musical range of stunningly designed tape and vinyl releases. It will be available on limited edition cassette as well as downloadable via Bandcamp or streamable via Spotify etc.

"Swimming Pool plays out like an audio novel, an expansive fantasy or dystopian future music narrative that combines realistic MIDI orchestral instruments with digital synthesis and occasional warped and chilling vocal interludes. I was trying to find a pre-release song to upload online and realized there was no one track that truly encapsulated the album’s shifts of mood and instrumentation; it should be experienced as a whole for the greatest impact." - Orange Milk Records

Music Composed and Produced by Hans Appelqvist

"Swimming Pool" vocals by Santiago Mostyn, Miriam Gullbring, Hans Appelqvist

"Naer Solen Doer" vocals by Hans Appelqvist

Visual art by Hans Appelqvist layout by Keith Rankin"